About Us

Our Story:

Did you know that a shocking 92% of Americans are deficient in essential vitamins
and minerals? Even worse, 70% of those deficiencies are in our CHILDREN!

As parents, those stats kept us up at night. How could so many kids lack the basic
nutrition they need not only to grow, but to thrive?

The root of the problem became clear: traditional vitamins are inconvenient because
they require sorting pills, buying multiple bottles, etc. Also, kids dislike
chalky, chewable, and unpleasant-tasting supplements. We couldn't stand by while a generation suffered from vitamin deficiencies.

So, we vowed to take action! We promised to make complete children's nutrition
effortless and enjoyable. We would also bring sound health and happiness to
families nationwide.

That passion gave birth to Gummees Daily - the first ever complete multivitamin in a delicious, snackable daily pouch. No more fighting with kids over pills or
chalky chewables. Just mouthwatering fruit gummies brimming with over 15
essential nutrients. And now, kids obsess over their daily Gummees, while parents have peace of mind
knowing their child's nutritional needs are covered.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make complete daily nutrition convenient, easier, and enjoyable
for kids and families. We aim to promote childhood health and development by
providing essential vitamins and minerals in supplements kids actually look
forward to taking.

Our commitment to quality and nutrition comes through in every batch of Gummees. We
ultimately intend to create a full line of snackable vitamin pouches catered to
different ages and needs, making daily wellness effortless for all.

Our Experts:

The team at Gummees Daily has decades of experience crafting innovative
supplements. Our in-house experts stay on the cutting edge of nutrition science
to formulate the most bioavailable, premium ingredients.

Our Quality:

We take pride in only using the highest quality vitamins and conduct rigorous
testing for purity and potency. Your child's health is too important to cut

The future is bright because healthy, happy children mean a better tomorrow for us all.